Site Rules/Disclaimer

The rules and disclaimer are pretty straightforward:

  • I will not, under any circumstances be posting people’s real names, specific locations, or the companies they work for. This is for obvious reasons: to protect everyone’s privacy, and to also help keep from getting into TOO much trouble should my boss or anyone else who may sign my paychecks find this site, or from a user/coworker who may come on here and realize a story is about them.
  • No real contact info: Same as above, I’m not going to post people’s real email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, or anything else that could clue people in to where they live and/or work. For any screencaps or copy/pastes of emails, tickets, etc. that I put up, I’ll obliterate the particular contact/company info into something that purposefully leads nowhere, or change it to something otherwise generic. The last thing I or anyone else wants is to have the site to get in a boatload of trouble because I allowed a user/coworker/etc. to be contacted and/or harassed or mocked because of contact info posted on this site.
  • Under no circumstances will I be posting about controversial topics such as politics, religion, those sorts of things, or things that are guaranteed to arouse passions or start an argument or flamewar on the site. There’s plenty of other sites on the internet for such topics, but this site isn’t one of them. It’s like what they say about opinions and assholes, everyone’s got them. That, and I generally dislike discussing religion or politics with anyone for any reason. My opinions are my own, and I’d appreciate the courtesy of not having the opinions or “advice” of others shoved down my throat when I never asked for them.
    • If you do feel so inclined to post a controversial comment or something that’ll arouse passions on this site, go somewhere else, and know that it will be deleted at my discretion. If you get butthurt because I deleted it, you’re more than welcome to set up and pay for your own website.
    • And on that note, please keep comments civil. That’s pretty self explanatory
  • No posting of comments containing pornography (including links to porn sites). Again, we all know about Rule 34, but none of it belongs on this site.
  • No posting of spam comments on here. Again, self explanatory…
  • Nothing illegal. Same thing, if you feel inclined to post comments about anything brazenly illegal, please do so elsewhere.
    • Screencaps of any illegal activity, especially if it’s something involving kids, will be forwarded to the relevant authorities, along with any information I have, such as IP addresses and your contact information.
  • No trolling or cyberstalking. Due to my own experiences with both a few years ago, I have no desire to go through either one again, so known trolls and cyberstalkers will be permanently IP banned from the site immediately upon discovery.
  • If you feel a post is about you or hits a little too close to home, I’m sorry you feel that way, but remember, this is MY site, not yours 🙂 You’re more than welcome to set up and pay for the hosting of your own website, and post up whatever you see fit, but don’t come on here and tell me what I can and cannot post.