Ash vs The Evil Dead


Being a huge fan of Bruce Campbell and the Evil Dead series, I was waiting in anticipation of the new Starz series Ash vs The Evil Dead, and upon seeing the first two episodes, I was not disappointed.

The show, which was pruduced after the constant buzz over the years by the cult following the Evil Dead movies attracted the last couple of decades) picks up a couple decades after Army of Darkness, and Ash is still a low-level stock clerk, but is just as much of a brash, flippant, mysogynist as he ever was. After a night in which, while high as a kite, he impresses a girl and reads from the Necronomicon, unleashing a new Deadite plague, and then tries to put this undead genie back in the bottle. He’s joined by a couple new sidekicks (Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo), whome he saves from several Deadites with his trademark chainsaw-for-a-hand, shotgun, bravado, and movies. He even pokes a little bit of fun at himself in the process, since he freely acknowledges that he’s gotten older, but he’s still got it, even if he is somewhat of a reluctant hero.

And the fact that the series (which was picked up for a second season even before the first episode aired) is on Starz, it pretty much gives Sam Raimi (who wrote and directed the Evil Dead series as well as the first episodes of this new series), Bruce Campbell and Tom Spezialy free reign to do as they please without having censors looking over their shoulder. This makes it all the better, since they’re free to curse all they want, and show as much gratuitious blood, gore and anything else they darn well please, much to the delight of hardcore Evil dead fans.