Star Wars: The Force Awakens review ***No Spoilers***



Last night, I saw an early showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

To say it was amazing was an epic understatement. I truly believe that J.J. Abrams hit it out of the park with a grand slam home run. The actors’ performances were completely on-point, the story was very engaging, if a touch familiar, but this is an advantage. Truly, this movie breathes new life in to the epic saga that is Star Wars, and while I was thrilled to see all the familiar characters of Han Solo, Princess Leia, Like, C3P0, R2-D2, and others, they leave plenty of room for the new characters, and in some cases, play 2nd fiddle to them, to pass the torch to the new generation.

I would highly recommend it. And I believe people will enjoy the previews as well of some of the movies to come. Several people in the theatre were geeking out on the previews alone, since they had previews for everyone, including the new Star Trek: Beyond movie, X-Men Apocalypse, and Captain America: Civil War.



This past weekend, I saw the newest James Bond movie, Spectre.

I’ve been a James Bond fan for some time, and really anticipated this one, after the not-so-good Quantum of Solace and the pretty decent Skyfall. I was hearing a lot of buzz as well, that this Bond movie, was really going back to basics for James Bond. I was also excited to see Daniel Craig (who ranks as my favorite Bond alongside Sean Connery) square off with the always amazing Christoph Waltz. I also rather enjoyed Monica Bellucci in the movie, and I swear that woman hasn’t aged a day in at least a decade, if not more. And Dave Bautista as the Mr. Hinx, the silent assassin, brought a lot of physicality to the movie, and the fact he didn’t speak a single line of dialogue only made him that much more menacing.

I was not disappointed at all with the movie. Without giving too much away, Bond basically goes off the reservation, and uncovers a huge conspiracy connecting seeming unrelated events, and they were all orchestrated by someone from Bond’s past who was unconfortably close to him. And it takes him all over the world from Italy to Austria and parts in between to search for answers and do as Bond does. And just to show the grand scale of this Bond movie, one of the scenes (you’ll know which one when you see it) was recently certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest stunt explosion ever filmed. It was so large in fact, they only had one take to get it right, and there was no way they could afford to do it again if someone blew the take (no pun intended).

All in all, it’s a worthy addition to the Bond franchise, and can’t wait to see the next one.