About the Site

I’ve been doing IT support for almost 17 years now. I’ve heard and seen some crazy things done to computers, heard an endless string of “oh by the way” and “just one more question” from people three hours into what was supposed to be a simple mouse replacement, as well as people who couldn’t find Google if you typed it in for them, users who were lying right through their teeth to get what they wanted, and the list goes on. To say I’m burned out is an understatement of epic proportions, and writing seems to be the only outlet I have to vent my frustrations… at least the only outlet that’s legal anyway. Plus, it tends to be cheaper than going to a therapist.

At any rate, I’ll be updating this site with random tech talk, funny stories of users, aggravating coworkers, movie reviews, and anything else that comes to my twisted brain. Of course, any stories I share of coworkers, actual people asking for tech support, names, locations and company names will be changed to protect the innocent. And here is your official disclaimer: If you don’t like what I write on here, you’re free to leave and go to other websites. If you love what I write, awesome, and spread the word 🙂