I dare you to make less sense!



Today, my coworker got a call for a ticket that reads as follows:

“User was called by coworker to say no one can connect to the server.”

That’s it. Nothing more. No indication as to which server, who the original user was, when it happened, or for how long it was happening? And the best part? When my coworker (who got the original call from the Tier 1 Desk Monkeys about this, saying this was a “patient care” issue) called back, a coworker picked up to say the person who called in the ticket had left for the day.

My coworker bumped it down to a low priority, sent it to the local site, and said since the user had left for the day, it must not have been that important, and it can wait until the next business day.

It’s broken because I don’t like it. Fix it!


Overnight, my team got a ticket that made me laugh. Here is the exact text of the ticket:

“User is complaining that the printer is broken because she does not like the font size it is printing out. This is affecting patient care and requests this be fixed immediately.”

So if I have this right, she declared something to be broken because a document she printed, presumably one she created and with the font and size specified, had the wrong font size when she printed it out. My coworker, who got the call, rightfully lowered the priority of the ticket to a Low, and sent it along to the local site to be fixed in the morning when the techs come in.